Smoke Free Law in Ellisville Mississippi: Penalties for Failing to Post Signs or Notices

Are you aware of the smoke free law in Ellisville Mississippi? If not, it is essential to comprehend the penalties for failing to post signs or notices about the law. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has determined that exposure to tobacco smoke is not linear at low doses, but increases rapidly with relatively small doses. This implies that even occasional exposure to second-hand smoke can be hazardous. As such, it is important to understand the penalties for failing to post signs or notices about the smoke free law in Ellisville Mississippi.

The law states that it is not a violation for any law enforcement officer or person under the age of twenty-one years of age to use persons under the age of twenty-one years of age to purchase or attempt to purchase tobacco products for the purpose of monitoring compliance with this section, provided that such persons are supervised by duly authorized law enforcement officials. It also does not prohibit a person under twenty-one years of age from handling tobacco products in the course of legal employment. The Surgeon General's Report has warned that all patients with an increased risk of coronary heart disease or with known coronary artery disease should avoid all indoor environments that allow smoking. Studies have found that tobacco smoke contributes greatly to indoor air pollution and that breathing second-hand smoke is a cause of illness in healthy non-smokers, such as heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and lung cancer. Business owners have no legal or constitutional right to expose their employees and customers to the toxic chemicals in second-hand smoke. Following an assessment of the health hazards of Las Vegas casino employees' exposure to second-hand smoke in the workplace, which included indoor air quality testing and biomarker evaluations, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) concluded that casino employees are exposed to dangerous levels of second-hand smoke at work and that their bodies absorb high levels of specific tobacco chemicals (NNK) and cotinine during work shifts. In addition to the remedies provided in this section, local health departments, municipal administrators, county administrators, and anyone aggrieved by a breach of this law by the owner, operator, manager, or other person who controls a public place or workplace, may seek injunctive measures to enforce those provisions in any court of competent jurisdiction.

In outdoor common areas of apartment buildings, condominiums, RV parks, retirement centers, nursing homes, and other multi-unit residential facilities, except in areas designated for smoking, must not exceed twenty-five percent (25%) of the total common outdoor area. The owner, manager, operator or employee of an area regulated by this law will order the person who smokes in violation of this law to turn off the product being smoked. Clearly and visibly place Prohibited Smoking signs or the international Prohibited Smoking symbol (which consists of a graphic representation of a burning cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a red bar above it) in that place. Twenty (20) feet away from entrances, operable windows and ventilation systems in enclosed areas where smoking is prohibited, to prevent tobacco smoke from entering those areas. In reviewing eleven (1) studies that concluded that communities see an immediate reduction in heart attack admissions following the implementation of comprehensive anti-smoking laws, the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies concluded that the data consistently demonstrate that exposure to second-hand smoke increases the risk of coronary heart disease and heart attacks and that anti-smoking laws reduce heart attacks. It is essential for business owners and operators in Ellisville Mississippi to understand these penalties for failing to post signs or notices about the smoke free law. Not only can they be subject to fines and other penalties if they fail to comply with this law but they are also putting their employees and customers at risk by exposing them to dangerous levels of second-hand smoke.

By understanding these penalties and taking steps to ensure compliance with this law, business owners can help protect their employees and customers from potential harm.

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